Simplicity lives here!

Tamizo Architects is a design studio specializing in architecture and interior design. We also deal in industrial design, graphic design and urban planning. Honesty and simplicity are the values we appreciate the most. However, we understand that simplicity at its best requires perfection. Therefore, when designing, we put special emphasis on the role of detail and carefully selected materials. We believe in the power of the most natural materials, such as stone, concrete, wood and glass. Their unique character defines the whole space that defies stereotypes as well as destructive aging processes. 

selected  Architectural  PROJECTS

The main area of ​​our business is architectural designs. We design buildings at different scales and for different uses, both small detached houses and larger office buildings or public utility buildings. Our offer includes cooperating on almost all stages of design work; from architectural design through construction project and its execution to the authorship supervision of the design implementation. We cooperate with qualified and reliable companies in the construction industry, i.a. constructors, designers of plumbing, gas, electric and air conditioning systems or quantity surveyors, providing the same comprehensive services to our customers.

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The interior is an integral part of the design. When designing a building it is impossible not to think of its interior. Therefore, the second pillar of our business is interior design. We offer both interior designs of private space - houses and apartments, as well commercial space, such as retail shops, restaurants, cafés, clubs, hotels, etc. We also implement office and public space designs. Our advantage is a full support of design - from architectural concept, through detailed design, author's supervision, to advice on selecting and purchasing equipment. We recommend verified contractors. We focus on simplicity, great natural materials, good ornaments and the highest quality equipment. 



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