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A.077  Dojo Design

‘Dojo’ is the word deriving from Japanese and describing the place used for practising martial arts and meditation. Such a place should be conducive for distancing yourself from emotions and external stimuli. It is not easy to meet these criteria in a school gymnasium where such classes are usually held. Hence President of the World Traditional Karate Federation Mr. Wlodzimierz Kwiecinski himself came to us with the idea to solve this problem. He is the originator of the idea of ​​designing a mobile, temporary building that acts as a Dojo. These objects would be easy to place at any location and size, depending on the needs and prospects of the community. If necessary, the object could be possibly easy to disassemble and transport to another location.

The solution proposed by us is based on a unit that stems from the martial arts mat’s size, increased by adequate space around it. This unit can be duplicated as required and as a result body of the building may be extended freely. From the outside, the building resembles a white box with four walls without windows. The only mark on the elevation is a small gap between the walls indicating entrance. Inside, however, we proposed a long narrow courtyard positioned parallel to one of the longer walls which allows for letting light inside the building. As a result of such solution Dojo users are in clean and bright space overlooking the simple and empty courtyard which provides isolation from any external stimuli, regardless of where the building stands. If the building was to stand in a very impressive location, e.g. surrounded by nature with a view of the forest, sea, mountains, it would be possible to build it without the outer courtyard’s wall. It would be an open plan building providing a very good view for those who exercise there.